A Leader

Who is a leader?

Not someone who leads people and instructs them. A leader is someone who leads oneself through sound choices and influences people around for the good. Some children acquire leadership skills naturally and some develop gradually, as they progress through the stages of life.

Here are some tips to help children unleash the leader in them:


Optimistic thinking:

A true leader maintains a positive attitude and shuns the negative vibes around. Children should learn to stand up to criticism and pressure and ‘never say never’ even when they are unsure about the consequences. ‘Saying yes’ heightens the positive spirit in a child.


Accepting challenges:

In the time of adversity, one often backs off with the fear of losing to the situation. A leader embraces a challenge as an opportunity to learn from and overcomes it. Every challenge is followed by numerous solutions and every child should tackle challenges with one.



First things first. A leader sets priorities, chalks out plans and strategizes accordingly. This results in an organised and a disciplined way of life. A child should learn to prioritise and not procrastinate as it helps things fall in their respective places without creating disorder.



It is easy for anyone to quit, but a true leader believes giving up is not the solution. Instead, one stands firm despite discouraging setbacks. Children should always stay determined to their goals and creatively work around disruptions, no matter what it takes to reach there.


Value all:

A leader makes choices based not only on his own ideas but also on ideas of people one is surrounded with. One also values the good attributes they carry and learns from them. Children should try to look into matters from other people’s perspectives and then make informed decisions.


Acknowledge team work:

A leader is not just one who sets examples for others to follow; one should also be a deft team player. This hones one’ communication skills. Besides, most importantly, one believes that working together as a team gives rise to varied ideas and solutions than working single-handedly. A child should consider every teammate’s opinion before jumping to conclusions.



In any case a child thinks what his/her teammate is saying is not agreeable upon, then one should justify one’s case with valid reasons. It is essential for a leader to take everyone’s views into account but not necessary to heed to all.


Sound health:

Eat right and sleep right. It is important for a child to take care of oneself and lead a healthy daily schedule in order to maintain balance between body and mind. This helps in improving stability of one’s well-being.