bullyingA few weeks ago a friend of mine spoke to me about her son, in simple words she wasn’t able to understand her son anymore. She gave birth to him, spends quality time with him and tries to converse with him. So what went wrong? Where has her son drifted away? Why is her family always under stress of achievements, rules and regulations? She met a number of doctors, psychiatrists and counselors but all in vain, they had no concrete answer and only pushed her son further in a corner.

Soon enough I met the family in a social gathering and I looked around to see for myself what the situation was. I was able to identify the non-connect with other children. I was able to see him falling through the crack of the group’s social life.

It was hard to point the finger on one particular reason but a good guess was that bullying was under play. Who? Why? When? It’s like finding a needle in a haystack, but at this point it was of utmost urgency that the needle was found. It was important for an adult to step in and teach how to make friends, how to how to ask others to play, how to join a group.

The child was far too intimidated to share his story and suffering. I understand by the parent’s talksthat his bullying was happening outside and the only way to get the truth out was in a friendly non-interfering atmosphere. We needed the child to have build a comfort level where the atmosphere the environment and the people are his. Where he wasn’t judged and was allowed to be his great self.

It was important to understand the loneliness and disconnect. It was vital to help him, it was imperative to step in and change the lonely child into a loving child, altering the path of his and our world.

Manjari Seth
Trustee and CEO – Foresight Education Foundation