Every Great Dream Begins With A Dreamer. Always Remember, You Have Within You The Strength, The Patience, And The Passion, To Reach, For The Stars To Change The World.

Harriet Tubman


Age– 8-12 year

2-part workshop featuring 4 hours of instruction There is a maximum of 9 children per group.

In this two session workshop series, tweenz learn social and communication skills in-person, on the phone, and online. Tweenz will gain valuable life skills, such as shaking hands with confidence, being smart on the Internet, and engaging others in conversation. The workshop includes a hands-on dining event and an excursion to put the skills to use. Each class is two hours.

Class One

Make a good first impression

  • The art of face-to-face interaction
  • Mastering the handshake
  • Greeting others and making introductions
  • Engaging in conversation

Be independent

  • Taking initiative and responsibility
  • The value of organization, timeliness and preparation
  • Being mindful of others, including family, friends, and strangers
  • Applying thoughtfulness and patience day-to-day

Class Two

Use your smartz online

  • Becoming an expert navigator of the web
  • How to write a professional email
  • Combating cyber-bullying and other Internet issues

Eat in, dine out

  • Attending a dinner party at a restaurant or someone’s home
  • Setting the table and using utensils properly
  • How to carry on a dinner conversation
  • How to make a toast
  • The importance of expressing gratitude