1. Can the courses be taken by adults?

Ans- Of course! We are a strong believer of the saying ‘Learning has no age just like success’.

2. How large are your batches?

Ans- In a batch we have maximum 9 learners.

3. Will my child get individual attention?

Ans- Yes. Our sessions are designed in such a manner that the child gets the attention that he or she requires.

4. Are the courses recognized?

Ans- Yes. Infact, we are accredited by internationally acclaimed institutes.

5. If I don’t like a course after joining, will I get a refund?

Ans- No. We don’t have a refund policy.

6. How to enroll for the courses?

Ans- For enrolling please fill the enrollment form given on our website and select your course(s)/package.

7. Do you offer tailor-made packages?

Ans- Yes, if there are sufficient children to carry a session out. For further details please visit the page on courses offered.

8. How long are the sessions? And what are the batch timings?

Ans- The session duration and the timings would depend on the course and the package selected. So, send us your email-id or mobile number. We shall intimate you about the details of the sessions and the batches in pipeline.

9. Do you have make-up sessions incase a child misses a session?

Ans- No. because one of the main features of our sessions is group discussions which is not possible in a make-up session.

10. Can my child carry mobile-phone to the class?

Ans- No usage of mobile phones during sessions.

11. What is the payment procedure for your course?

Ans- A full payment is made at the time of admission and course selection.

12. Do you conduct out-door activities and sessions?

Ans- Yes, depending upon the batch size and venue of course. For further information please take an appointment for further discussion.

13. Do you have one-on-one interactions with parents?

Ans- Yes, on a prior appointment.

14. How will my child benefit from the program?

Ans- The courses aim at a holistic development of a learner. They are designed in such a way that they boost the confidence and self-dependency of the child for today and equip them for a better tomorrow.

15. Will my child get any kind of recognition on successful completion of a course?

Ans- Yes, On successful completion of a session, the child will get an analysis card. On successful completion of a course, the child will receive certification.