Founded in the autumn of 1984 by Dr.Ravi Kumar Mehrotra CBE (Commander of His Excellent Order of British Empire). Foresight Group, in just 30 years has grown from a one-man start-up to a global business with an enterprise value of around US$ 1.25 billion.

Today’s the Group’s core activities range from Shipping, Oil Drilling which are also supported by two ancillary division of Exploration & Energy and Training and Development, while standing alongside are the separate Footwear Brand Retail and Hospitality units.

Together these form the six “pillars” or verticals of the Foresight business-echoing the façade of its recently revamped Foresight House HQ building set back from the Thames at the heart of London’s financial district.


Dr. Ravi Kumar Mehrotra CBE
Founder and Visionary

Dr.Ravi Kumar Mehrotra CBE is a founder and Executive Chairman of family owned Foresight Group, which in just 30 years has grown from a one man start-up to a global Shipping, Oil drilling to Retail conglomerate with a market value of US$1.25billion with its HQ in London.

Dr. Ravi Kumar Mehrotra CBE, a maritime engineer by training, built Foresight Group from scratch and his life’s journey from cadet to chief engineer, from his hometown in Kanpur to the city of London, from employee to entrepreneur and from humble beginning to continuing success is bible of inspiration & motivation for anyone. Despite the college fiasco and company politics, revolution, recession and cut-throat competition, Ravi Mehrotra combined family with faith, intelligence and industry using skill and strategy to tread life’s path with Dream, Commitment, Determination and Perseverance to achieve goals & build a global enterprise.Mr. Ravi Kumar Mehrotra was conferred the honor of CBE (Commander of His Excellent order of British Empire) in 2006 by Her Majesty the Queen of England for his contribution to the British & Global Shipping Industry.Mr. Ravi Kumar Mehrotra also featured in the Lloyds top 100 Most Influential people in the global shipping industry. Mr. Ravi Kumar Mehrotra is a member of Lloyds Registry of Shipping & committees of DNV UK and American Bureau of Shipping.Dr. Ravi Kumar Mehrotra CBE in 2014 was conferred an Honorary Industrial Doctorate in UAE.

Training is particulary dear to Dr. Ravi Kumar Mehrotra CBE’s heart. The Group’s AMTA training academy being run from the house and grounds where his father, a professor, and beloved mother formely lived, therby preserving the legacy.

The Group has now set up a separate educational institute Foresight Education Foundation, in India for children to create future Leaders. The guiding concept would be ‘ to empower the young minds of India to dream a little dream, then find a way to make it grow…’ providing a fitting legacy for Dr. Ravi Kumar Mehrotra CBE.

Welcome by the Group’s Chairman
God has given only to human beings the desire and power to dream compared to other living beings. This special trait in humans gives us the desire to better ourselves in each generation beyond what our parents have accomplished! This extra capability in our mind gives us the chance to imagine how the world can be better. We receive dreams in our sleep and then every one of us chooses the dream which we like the most. For the most favourite of our dreams; we like to see ourselves in that situation. This in later years develops into our passion and drives our ambition. Unfortunately our modern approach to studies in India does not take into account the need to nurture this; it is this passion and ambition that allows us to excel. The result of our modern approach is that we are creating millions of educated students but few innovators, inventors or Olympians. Success and progress are the fruits of two forces; the passion comes from the imagination of what can be; and the understanding of how the dream can be implemented.

We at Foresight Educational Foundation have embarked on this mission to create our youth into real achievers. Let us hope parents of our youths will help us achieve this ambition.

Therefore if we want to help India join the leagues of the developed nations, we have to develop our youths in ways that allows them to follow their dreams and their passion, coupled with practicality to convert dreams into reality. They alone can make India leap frog in a short time into the developed world.

I trust that Foresight Group’s gift to future achievers will be used to ignite your dreams.


Manjari Seth
Trustee and CEO – Foresight Education Foundation

Manjari is leading the development of Foresight Foundation, a philanthropic initiative of London based US$ 1.25 bln global conglomerate Foresight Group. Manjari with experience of more than 20 years across management, education & brand communication in UK, Europe & India is a very determined and precisely methodical leader.

Manjari took the responsibility to develop and build on the dream project of her father Mr.Ravi Kumar Mehrotra CBE to develop group’s philanthropic initiatives focused on providing education to the young minds in India, its not about normal education its all about creating a mindset to ignite the “fire in the belly” to aspire for excellence and success.

BSC, Textile, Management & Marketing from UMIST- UK, Manjari is a voracious reader and has travelled around the world and like her father she has a entrepreneurial inclination and loves to engage with projects that could make lasting impression in the world and society at large.