Make Resolutions Work

It’s a new year. And we look back to the times we succeeded in achieving our set targets and amend to bring the unfulfilled ones to fruition. Making resolutions has become a mandatory tradition, irrespective of whether they can be put into effect or not. Being new to the practice, children seek encouragement and help from their parents who are the long-serving veterans in the resolution-making process. However, it is most important to teach children how to effectively plan out and fulfil their resolutions.

Here are some ways how parents can help children make their way through the process:

1. Make specific resolutions: The very thing with everyone making resolutions is that they end up making plenty of them, with most being overambitious or unachievable. Therefore, it is advisable to narrow down the list of resolutions to a few to focus upon. Children should preferably focus on making specific and realistic resolutions instead of generic ones. Resolutions like: “I’ll improve my skills in mathematics “can be broken down into steps like “I’ll solve around 20 sums a day “. This makes it easier to achieve the target and fulfil one’s resolutions.

2. Set an example: Children always look up to their parents for inspiration and guidance. Therefore, a parent is responsible for encouraging his/her child in making a resolution on one’s own. It becomes easier when parents themselves share their own resolutions and how they amend to meet them. Whether they are able to make way past oddities in meeting their goals or not, influences children to decide upon their own. It is important that the child take baby steps towards the accomplishment of a resolution instead of scampering about. Possibility prevails that children make errors in the process, whereby parents should offer assistance in handling and rectifying the same.

3. Share success and failure: Both success and failure are two sides of the same coin. The past success stories of fulfilling resolutions act as constant reminders for the children to focus on their current ones. It is said that failure is an opportunity to begin again more wisely and parents can help children find the flaws present in the failed attempts to fulfil the resolutions left half-baked.

4. Keep up with resolutions: The toughest challenge one meets in the resolution-making process is the ability to endure one. Many times, children fall out when they are already halfway through, with reasons being lack of support and dedication. Parents, thus, play a crucial role in tracking down their children’s progress. As earlier mentioned, errors may be committed but they should not pose as setbacks in the progress towards the goal. It may take quite some time to take things forward and parents should constantly motivate and remind their children to keep working towards it rather than nagging.

5. Offer rewards: Achievements, regardless of the level of significance, cannot do without rewards. Children love to be applauded and offered incentives in various forms on the accomplishment of their resolutions. And instead of offering them chocolates, parents may go for other ways of rewarding their children such as trips to and treats at their favourite places and hangouts with friends.