• “Foresight Education Foundation has been a blessing in disguise for me. Their coaches are doing an amazing job. My child used to face problems in socializing as he is a very shy kid but after attending the sessions, he is a completely changed person. He has become more confident and his communications skills have improved considerably. The interactions during the sessions have really helped my child to open up. I strongly recommend these sessions to all the parents! Keep up the good work.”

    – Lesie Parker,

    Mother of Stephen (11), Florida, United States (Currently living in Mumbai)

  • “The sessions at Foresight Education Foundation are quite interactive and power packed. My children, although initially hesitant to attend the classes, now love it and look forward to attending every session. Thanks to the sessions on ‘Time Management’ that my daughters have become disciplined and have started managing time well which makes my life easier. They talk a lot about the sessions, which shows they are really enjoying every bit of the experience. Its worth every penny. Thank you Foresight Education Foundation.. You came in my life at the right time”

    – Claira McCormick,

    Mother of Bianca and Stefi (7, 12 resp), Ireland, UK. (Currently living in Mumbai)

  • “”One day, my son’s coach at the academy said to me, “I’m really concerned because your son hasn’t been smiling as much as he usually does and I’m just wondering if something is going on at home. I’d like to be able to help him.” I was impressed by how the coach was so closely tuned into my son. It’s a warm feeling to know how quickly my son has open up with the coaches and this in turn has motivated us to work at bettering our family relationships. Additionally, the one on one interaction with parents and the individual attention given to the children are plus points of Foresight Education Foundation. It sets them apart. I am very happy about the fact that my child is learning great things here and becoming a better person day by day. Bravo!!!!””

    – Pallavi Shah,

    Mother of Yash Shah (9), Gujrat, India.(Currently living in Mumbai)

  • “I love the basic premise of Foresight Education Foundation- ‘To unleash the leader within’. And this is what motivated me to put my daughter for the sessions. I always felt that my child had a trapped leader within and was capable of doing greater things but I could never provide her with proper exposure but thanks to Foresight Education Foundation for giving my daughter a right platform to learn and perform. The course on Leadership is very well-designed and crisp. Great job! I wish you all the best for your future endeavours”

    – Renu Kar,

    Mother of Avantika Kar (13), Odhisha, India(Currently living in Mumbai)

  • “I love that my son always points out the academy every time we drive by it. It’s amazing that he misses the sessions when at home. The sessions have helped my child in a great way. After every session he has a lot to share with us. For a parent, his/her child’s happiness is the most rewarding thing and that’s exactly what Foresight Education Foundation’ sessions have gifted us with-our child’s happiness.”

    – Suneeta Chawla,

    Mother of Tanishq Chawla(5), Chandigarh, India(Currently living in Mumbai)

  • “I have to say that sessions and courses at Foresight Education Foundation are absolutely amazing. I would like to thank Mrs Manjari Seth to have come up with such a brilliant program which aims to unleash the hidden talents of a child. The program is quite beneficial with unique features. It’s a right blend of teaching, learning and fun. The coaches are brilliant and very amiable. My daughter thanks me every day for enrolling her in this program. She has learnt quite a few important things in the ‘Social skills’ course in just a little time. It’s helped her hone her communication skills. Many thanks to your wonderful program.”

    – Natasha Shah,

    Mother of Alpa Shah (10), Mumbai, India.