YOU the Brand

YOU the Brand, the in-house program of Foresight Education Foundation, aspires to be the wind beneath the wings of the budding youth, the Gen X.

With an aim of training the young minds for extra ordinary success, the program provides the children the opportunity to build confidence and express their individuality through participation. It teaches students how to identify and set their own personal goals followed by equipping them with learnable skills of measuring and recording the progress in goal attainment.

YOU the Brand paves a path for a child leading him/her to become a Leader by developing a well-rounded personality by nurturing responsibility, kindness and good judgment and by taking control of social, emotional, academic and ethical matters.

All this and more is achieved by a unique and engaging curriculum that instills a love of learning in the fearless mind and opens windows into an inviting world, rich in opportunities for children to gain and grow from. The children learn to connect with an unbounded vision and realize their inner talent and immense worth.

We believe that YOU are important, YOU are multi-faceted, YOU are the creator of your own destiny, YOU are YOU.

Come discover YOU- the extraordinary self with us.